Mobile App Development Quote-Fundamentals Explained

Over the last few years, the mobile app development has witnessed numerous changes. From Symbian OS to iOS to Android, the mobile apps have seen a number of changes to achieve its present form. This advancement in technology, programming language and market trends have always turned out for a better and promising future. Year 2016 too is being touted as promising in terms of changes that will take the mobile app world by storm, one that will look entirely different than its ancestors. Mobile app developers too are working compactly to be an active participant in this e-revolution that will bring more innovations. So, let’s acquaint ourselves with that which is set to change the way mobile apps will be developed in 2016.

Swift Programming Language By Apple

Till now, most of the apps have been developed using conventional and long used languages like Objective C, C++ and HTML. However, this trend is going to change with many prominent names like LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Vine having already been developed on the Swift language. This also hints at the increasing popularity of a language that has been released recently in 2014. According to the Tiobe Index, Swift has already become one of the most popular development languages of the internet. Besides, Apple developers have already rolled out Perfect, a desktop version of this programming language. Now, developers can develop a mobile app as well as a server-side management platform on swift.

Enterprise Mobile Apps – The Legacy Will Continue

It has not been too long a time that the companies have realised the importance of enterprise mobile apps. These apps are designed to help large teams keep connected to one another round the globe and to track crucial metrics that is needed to carry on their day-to-day tasks. With the businesses expanding, the importance and needs for such enterprise apps are also bound to increase manifolds.

Cloud technology

Cloud computing has seen an exemplary development in the recent years. Although, developed for the internal use by the Telecom firms, it has turned out to be a fast, simple and inexpensive medium for large-scale enterprises as well as for the private clients. There are numerous tools such as Dropbox and Google drive, providing simple storage solution and management software suites such as the Oracle cloud that have seen their respective share of customers. Designed to strategically serve the user and its needs, cloud computing is bound to touch new heights in the future. Mobile apps will also be a party in this wonderful piece of technology, with many powerful apps making full use of it. The apps will be developed in such a way that it will occupy only a small amount of space on the user’s device and majority of the space will be consumed on the cloud technology. This will also enable the users to have access to all their data across multiple device and synchronize all the information from a single space.